Benang Kelambu Soft Trekking


Aik Berik is a village located on the foot of Rinjani mountain Central Lombok which ia very populer as the best nature tourism spot on Lombok island almost all the Lombok people and Tourists who visited the island of Lombok know about this place especially Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall.

Let’s enjoy these..

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We will start exploring the waterfalls from our Basecamp at near the gate of Geopark Rinjani Lombok to the first  waterfall is Benang stokel with a 15-minute walk through the lush forest where we can see also the long tiled Macaques and Black Ebony/Black Mongkey and species of Bird. after you reach and enjoying the beauty and freshness of the Benang Stokel waterfall we continue the journey for approximately 30 minutes to the next waterfall is Kliwun, this waterfall is in the middle of a forest that is still very lush and the atmosphere is like a waterfall in a cave because of its location between the cliffs that cover the side of the waterfall and this waterfall is also not known by many local visitors because its existence is not widely exposed to maintain its beauty keep it clean. then go down again for about 4 minutes to Sesere waterfall, this waterfall is a flow from the previous waterfall/Kliwun, this waterfall is no less beautiful than other waterfalls because the place is more open and spacious, and you can rest while enjoying the atmosphere of of a quiet forest where you can see only the color of the jungle and hear only the sounds of nature, here you will be served warm drinks and some local snacks by our team. After feeling well rested and enjoying our meal, you will continue the journey for 30 minutes to the last waterfall, namely Benang Kelambu Waterfall. after arriving at Benang Kelambu, you can enjoy the uniqueness and freshness of the water that comes out directly from the bowels of the earth which is dripping in the form of a mosquito net on the wall, you can bathe in the available pool and you can also take a shower directly in the falling water to feel the best sensation of rushing water that flushes our body like a warm massage.

This place as a finish point of our trip then back to the Basecamp through the Community forest where the Local villager plant many kind of fruit trees like Banana, Durian, and many other. And have a lunch with local menu at our Basecamp.

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